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Spencer Gibb

Chelsea, MI Mobile: 801-540-5830 spencer at gibb.tech @spencerbgibb github linkedin


  • Java tech (Spring, Scala, Hibernate, JPA, Maven, Swing, Ant, GWT, JEE, JSE)
  • Web tech (nodejs, HTML, CSS, JS, Rest)
  • Large scale distributed systems
  • NoSQL and SQL databases
  • Working in cross-functional teams
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Team leadership
  • Full product life cycle
  • Functional requirements
  • Mentoring junior co-workers

Professional Experience

PRINCIPAL SOFTWARE ENGINEER, VMware (formerly Pivotal), Palo Alto CA (Remote), Jun 2014 – Present

PRINCIPAL ENGINEER, Domo, American Fork UT, May 2013 – Jun 2014

  • Dropwizard, AWS, MySQL, Java, Spring

PRINCIPAL ENGINEER, FamilySearch, Salt Lake City UT, Feb 2013 – May 2013

  • Cassandra, Dropwizard, AWS, MongoDB, json, 800M records

ARCHITECT/PRINCIPAL ENGINEER, LDS Church, Salt Lake City UT Nov 2010 – Jan 2013

  • Developer on Leader Portal (nodejs, Javascript, Riak), Nov/2012 – Jan/2013
  • Team lead on digital catalog application (Java, Spring, MarkLogic), Sep/2011 – Aug/2012
  • Enterprise Software Architect for a portfolio of applications, Nov/2010 – Sep/2011
    • Responsible for architectural cohesion across all projects in the portfolio
    • Continued, part time, as lead software engineer for preservation system

SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, LDS Church, Salt Lake City UT Jul 2007 – Jul 2008, Jul 2009 – Nov 2010

  • Developed Digital Preservation submission application (GWT, Java, Scala, Spring)
  • Developed Personal Video Conferencing account creation application (JSF, Spring)
  • Senior team member on entrance security project for the 130+ temples (see www.lds.org/temples for explanation)
  • Developed web services, web-applications and Swing clients
  • Developed using Java Server Faces, Facelets, Java Persistence API (Hibernate provider), Web Services (XFire)
  • Developed swing interface for bar-coding application to inventory between 2-4 million archive items

SOFTWARE CONTRACTOR, Salt Lake City UT Jul 2007 – Present

  • (Company: STG Inc., Client: Northrop Grumman) Senior Engineer on a large government research application. Implemented code using Spring, iBatis, SQL, Apache Digester, JavaCC and Oracle 10g. Database contained over 750 tables.
  • (Company: Alta Consulting LLC, Client: RX America) Designed, architected and implemented a web service to gather and send data to a 3rd party printing company using JEE 5, Web Services, JPA, Session EJB’s, Oracle and XML
  • (Company: Self, Client: Broadweave) Developed RESTful shopping cart API using Maven, Spring, Hibernate and CXF
  • (Company: Self, Client: Broadweave) Created administration application using Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)

SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, Collabraspace Inc., Annapolis MD Aug 2004 – Jul 2007

  • Team Leader on a complex government application
  • Tasked, mentored and reviewed deliverables for each team member
  • Lead developer for 1st Air Force Collaborative Decision Aid, a Weblogic Portal application that integrates various third party applications and a custom J2EE/Swing Applet
  • Developer for CollobraSuite, a set of graphical collaboration modules using Swing, J2EE, and BEA Weblogic Portal
  • Built multiple N-Tier clusters using J2EE, Web Services, Weblogic, Oracle and Apache

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST, Dept. of Defense, Ft. Meade MD Apr 2003 – Aug 2004

  • Ported an Oracle Forms-based issue tracking system to a web-based application
  • Mentored other team members in Java and J2EE best practices
  • Collaborated in design of a legacy database port to Oracle
  • Developed applications with BEA Weblogic 8 and Oracle 9
  • Completed ‘Software Engineering Process’ Course

SENIOR DEVELOPER, BuildersNet, Inc., Orem UT Jan 2002 – Sep 2002

  • Designed and developed web-based applications in: e-commerce, web hosting and groupware applications
  • Built systems, installed and configured Linux, Apache, BIND, and MySQL
  • Designed and created database schemas for applications

PARTNER/SENIOR ENGINEER, NetBing LLC, Orem UT Mar 2001 – Jan 2002

  • Designed and implemented E-Commerce systems in a J2EE/Linux environment
  • Collaborated in decisions regarding purchase of hardware, software and Internet connectivity
  • Designed and implemented a scalable and flexible e-commerce system using JSP, EJB 2.0 (Entity and Session beans), PHP, payment gateway and 3rd party loan software integration

USER INTERFACE ENGINEER, Excite@Home (Formerly iMall Inc), Orem UT Jan 1998 – Dec 2001

  • Team member on large-scale web applications for AT&T Small Business Hosting and IBM Homepage Creator
  • Created co-branded web based interfaces using Java, JSP/Servlets, and Netscape Server Side JavaScript)
  • Developed EJBs BEA Weblogic Application Server in a cooperative environment
  • Gained expertise in JSP/Servlets, JavaScript, and HTML and performed limited graphic design in Adobe Photoshop.

Open Source Projects


  • Java, Spring, Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, Hibernate (JPA), iBatis, Java Server Faces (JSF), Facelets, JEE (JSP, EJB, JMS, Servlets), Swing, JDBC, Maven, Ant, Eclipse, Eclipse RCP, JAX-RS, Velocity, JUnit, TestNG, DBUnit
  • App Servers: Tomcat, Jetty, Netty, Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss, Glassfish
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Web Services, Apache, PHP
  • Platforms – Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, Debian), Solaris, Mac, Windows
  • Database – SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Riak, Mongodb
  • Misc. – git, C++, C, Python, Ruby, Perl, Shell Scripts, Photoshop, Subversion, CVS

Education – BS, Computer Science, Brigham Young University

Provo UT, December 2002

  • Senior courses in: Software Engineering, Distributed System Design, Database Modeling Concepts, Computer Communication and Networking and Machine Learning.
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer, October 2004

Volunteer Representative

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Recife, Brazil, Dec 1994 – Dec 1996

  • Learned Portuguese almost fluently
  • Developed and taught weekly training meetings for 20 – 30 representatives
  • Traveled and helped individual representatives learn problem solving, effective teaching and leadership skills