Spring Cloud Devnexus Notes

Monolithic vs Microservices Easy/Hard vs Simple/Complex Monolithic Complex / Easy Language / Framework modularity Fewer scaling vectors Long-term commitment to tech stack coupled changes make harder deploys hard to scale dev Microservice Simple / Hard for continuous delivery 12 factor apps diversity of clients (mobile, desktop, devices) modularity based on services uncoupled changes enable frequent deploys more scaling vectors dev friendly easier to scale dev no long term commitment to tech stack Microservices with Spring Boot partition strategies Noun (product info service) Verb (shipping service) Single Responsibility Principle Bounded Context Polyglot persistence Unix pipes and filters Choreography vs Orchestration No Man (Microservice) is an Island No free lunch Ops overhead Substantial Devops Skills required Implicit interfaces Duplication of effort Distributed System complexity Asynchronicity is difficult Testability chalenges Spring CLI Support http command is from httpie. [Read More]