Confoo Montreal 2024

In February, I had the priviledge of attending ConFoo. It was my first time visiting Montreal Quebec. I had a great time.

Me in front of ConFoo 2024 Banner

I presented two talks, What’s New In Spring and API Toolbox with Spring. Yann Larrivee and team did a fantastic job organizing and running the event at the Hotel Bonaventure. The venue was great just being a few steps away from hotel room to conference center. The pool is open year round and I took a swim, while it was freezing outsite, the pool was warm.

The food was top notch, the best I’ve ever had attending conferences over my 25+ year career.

Lunch table with dessert

I enjoyed listing to various talks as well, some examples are: QUIC and HTTP/3: the next step in web performance , Chopping the monolith , and GC Algorithms for the Cloud . The speaker dinner was excelent and I got to meet new people and make some connections, even on the plane home I sat next to a ConFoo speaker!

Me in Notre Dame of Montreal

I even got to see a bit of the city. The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal was truly stunning. I was also able to explore a bit of the underground city to find some good places to eat. I also found one of my alltime things while roaming underground, Fairlife Banana! I may or may not have imported some.

Fairlife Banana

I hope I can return to ConFoo and Montreal in the future.